episode 51 / Meet the Blacks

Cheryl talks Larry into adopting the Blacks, a family displaced by a hurricane; Larry invents the "perfect" excuse for missing a pair of parties.

episode 52 / The Anonymous Donor

The Davids and the Blacks move into a new house, and take in a new guest; Larry rewrites a dry-cleaning rule; Jeff finds his reputation stained; Larry envies Ted Danson's anonymity

episode 53 / The Ida Funkhouser Roadside Memorial

Larry argues with Susie and Richard Lewis over condolences, confronts a pair of "sample abusers," at an ice-cream parlor and a perfumery, and is accused of pinching flowers by Marty Funkhouser.

episode 54 / The Lefty Call

Larry's regrets getting Richard Lewis' girlfriend Cha Cha a job near the office bathroom; a waiter is doomed by a doggy-bag dispute; Larry proves inept at "talking lefty."

episode 55 / The Freak Book

A book about freaks, coupled with a chauffeur's incapacity, sets Larry up for a string of ejections involving Ted Danson, John McEnroe, and a group of mourners.

episode 56 / The Rat Dog

Larry tests the limits of sick sex; Loretta and Leon's job prospects are burned by a slow toaster; Larry befriends an exterminator, to a deaf woman's regret.

episode 57 / The TiVo Guy

A malfunctioning TV device puts Larry's marriage with Cheryl into a crisis mode.

episode 58 / The N Word

Larry tries to do Auntie Rae a favor, but ends up offending her instead. Jeff's stay at the hospital to get a "snore job" opens up a new opportunity for Larry, who takes full disadvantage of it.

episode 59 / The Therapists

Larry tries to curry favor with Cheryl by influencing her therapist.

episode 60 / The Bat Mitzvah

An upcoming Bat Mitzvah provides Larry with an opportunity to clear up his recent domestic travails - as well as some nasty rumors.