Trivia #3 Question 1 of 5

Which episode from Seinfeld is Larry David's Favorite?

The Ex-Girlfriend (Against his better judgment, Jerry begins dating George's ex-girlfriend.)
The Puffy Shirt (George thinks he's made it big when, shortly after moving in with his parents, he gets work as a hand model. Elaine arranges for Jerry to appear on The Today Show to promote a charity benefit.
The Pony Remark (Jerry makes a tactless remark about hating everybody who had a pony when they grew up during the 50th anniversary dinner of a relative of his. When a woman dies shortly after the dinner, Jerry and his friends wonder if the pony remark had
Bubble Boy (In a coffee shop, Elaine and Jerry meet a father who describes the sad life of his young son Donald who lives in a "plastic bubble" (a germ-free quarantine, which is in reality a mere plastic divider).